Review: Did I Mention I Love You* | Estelle Maskame

When I was contacted by Black&White publishing asking whether I would review this book I decided to do some research and was blown away by the massive fan base and hype this book was already receiving. I then found out that the story started out on Wattpad and after thousands of views, comments and likes, Estelle's story caught the eye of the Scottish based publisher Black&White.

Another amazing thing about this novel is that Estelle is only eighteen! Crazy right?!.... Also very depressing because we're the same age and she's super successful whilst I'm just lying in bed watching Netflix and drinking tea. Anyhow Did I Mention I Love You? was one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a while and I've already recommended it to several people!

The protagonist of the story, Eden, is incredibly likeable from the start and has lots of characteristic and quirks which make her a really interesting character to read. Her stepbrother Tyler is equally interesting and the way they play off of each other creates a very refreshing and engaging story.

The writing of the novel is incredibly cinematic, set against the backdrop of LA, with each of the unique characters stories intertwining, I could really picture every scene in my head. I would love, love, love for this book to be made into a movie- it would be the perfect teen romance that I would probably buy on dvd and watch a billion times until I knew every word!

Some aspects of the novel were somewhat unrealistic and seemed to me a bit cliched but to be honest, in this sort of book I think they just add to the story, creating an idealised world that readers can wish to live in. Ideal however, is not the word I would use to describe Eden and Tyler's fated relationship, from the start we know it will be tumultuous but every plot twist and new piece of information about the characters just added to the difficulties- creating a perfect 'will they, won't they' story.

This book is the first of a trilogy and from the cliff hanger at the end I can guarantee once you've read it you will be dying to get your hands on the next: Did I Mention I Need You? 

Overall, this book is incredibly enjoyable, the characters, setting, plot and everything else are amazing and I have no qualms in recommending it to all of my friends! So be sure to get a copy, and whilst not mandatory, I would highly suggest reading it by the pool or whilst sipping on ice tea... or potentially a cocktail to really get that LA feel!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

*This book was sent to me by Black and White for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own*