Review: Night Owls | Jenn Bennett

I'm finding this book really hard to review because I just want to write random words and shout at you all to read this incredible book but obviously that's not the way to go so I thought I do a bit of a different review which will be to tell you 5 things I love about Night Owls...

1. LGBT Characters- I think its amazing when books include LGBT characters as both primary and secondary characters. In a world as diverse as we live in, I think its extremely important to show different people in books because it just makes it so much more realistic and less "cookie-cutter".

2. Everyone's Mental Health is Important- Mental health is studied quite a lot in books, especially YA but I feel like its still sort of taboo and I feel that it can often be looked at in a cliched way. What I love about Night Owls is that it adresses the fact that everyone has mental health and that everyone struggles in a different way, very openly but very sensitively.

3. Art- Now I am in no way an art specialist but this novel really makes me appreciate art in a way I haven't before. Both Bex's love for anatomical drawing and Jack's love for graffitti are incredibly infectious. Jenn's writing conveys her characters emotions so strongly that you can't help but feel as though you're going through the same emotions and throughout the book, both their passions become your own passions.

4. Romance- The build up of this relationship just seems incredibly realistic to me. Its not the insta-love which is featured in so many young adult books these days. The build up is slow and heartbreakingly real. Everything is raw and the characters discover themselves and each other all throughout the novel. There's so much tension throughout and I was rooting for Jack and Bex from the start, I was laughing and swooning throughout. Jack is officially my new book boyfriend!

5. Sibling Relationship- Realistic is a word I can't help but keep using when describing this book. Every relationship looks at so many of the ups and downs real life people face. The sibling relationship in Night Owls is really beautiful.

There are so many more things that I adored about this book but I really just want to urge everyone to read it for themselves and discover this stunning novel. I'm so glad I picked this up and I can guarantee you will be too!