Review | Binge | Tyler Oakley

Binge | Tyler Oakley
Published: 20th October 2015 by Simon and Schuster
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I'm writing this post at 2am Monday morning because I have just spent two and a half hours speeding my way through Tyler Oakley's Binge and I need to get my thoughts down straight away on this fantastic memoir.

As a big fan of YouTube and social media, I have been aware of Tyler's online presence for a long time but I've never been a religious watcher of his videos until fairly recently, so when I picked up his book it was purely because I'm nosey and like to know about other peoples lives! And I can certainly say I now feel like I know a lot about Tyler's life!

Binge is a candid and unashamedly honest look at some of Mr Oakley's biggest slaying moments and some of his lowest cringing and trying moments. We are told about Tyler's childhood and family relations, his rankings of Disney Prince hotness and what he'd do if he became Queen Bey for the day; as well as a deep insight into how Tyler is winning at the YouTube game.

Binge had me laughing out loud as well as close to tears. Tyler puts all his cards on the table in this book and his rawness and sincerity is clear on every page. Reading felt like a natural conversation and there were times when I just wanted to interrupt and ask a question! Everything flows perfectly, with creative and hilarious chapter titles and outrageous anecdotes throughout. Each chapter of Binge could stand on its own as an essay but Tyler cleverly winds them together to create  a perfect mix of absurdity and honesty.

I would recommend anyone (unless you're easily offended) to read Binge; not only is it witty and creative, but the overall arching message of family, friendship and the desire to succeed whilst remaining true to yourself, is something which I think will resonate with many people today. Go on, just let yourself Binge!