Review: One | Sarah Crossan

One | Sarah Crossan
Published: 2nd June 2016 by Bloomsbury
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Have you ever read a book and just had to sit for a while after reflecting on it and not quite knowing what to do with your life? Well that's what this stunning book did to me. One tells the story of conjoined twins, Grace and Tippi as they navigate their world with two hearts and two legs between them. Sarah Crossan beautifully examines how the girls think and how their condition affects those around them through the use of verse.

Despite not being an expert on verse by any means, I found it an incredibly enjoyable experience to read the story this way. The words took on whole different meanings and made me feel as if I was floating through the story. Everything just felt right and real.

I went into this book knowing very little about it which I believe is the way you should go into it too. Each character is woven so beautifully together and everything seems incredibly realistic. You can truly tell how much research Crossan did and how passionate she is about her subject matter. 

Overall this is one of the most touching books I have ever read; I laughed and cried as I whizzed through it in one sitting. The honesty throughout makes this a truly raw reading experience and I urge everybody to pick up this book, I guarantee you'll finish it with a refreshed way of looking at the world and whats around us.