welcome (back) to the blog

Oh hello there!

It's 11pm on a Saturday night, the rain is pounding on my window, I've spent pretty much the entire day procrastinating, good 20 minutes crying at Greys Anatomy, and have just been having a gander at Carrie Hope Fletcher's blog which has left me feeling all inspired.

When I was at secondary school I would write blog posts about anything and everything and address them as if I had an audience of millions (in my head, I think I imagined myself as Zoella), but along the way life has happened, I've gotten busy and more crucially I've become a lazy internet user. Now don't get me wrong, I am the ultimate millennial; first thing I do in the morning is check instagram, I spend waaaaay too long making aesthetic insta stories and trying to come up with witty (?) tweets that are usually musical theatre based and a little bit self-deprecating, but that's all I do online now. Of course I run an Arts and Culture blog which takes a lot of time and I'm sure fills much of my online footprint, but that, along with my social media accounts, have become more of a job over recent times and I miss the carefree act and instant gratification of posting on a personal blog. 

For me, a blog is about sharing your thoughts in a sort or, flow of consciousness. It doesn't need to be scripted and it's just you getting down your opinions/life stories/dramas out on paper... well, virtual paper. 

This year so far, I have seen 43 shows, as well as almost completing my final semester of university and having a social life and I've got to the point where my brain feels a bit frazzled. Don't get me wrong, I love theatre and going out but sometimes there's just too much social interaction and I need some time alone. However, recently, that time alone is accompanied by a thousand thoughts about what I've got coming up and what I have to do, so this blog will hopefully provide a way for me to settle down, focus on one topic and achieve some mental clarity. Well that's the plan at least. 

I'm not going to come out and say I have a schedule or anything because I am meant to be writing a dissertation right now but I'll try and post at least once a week (more likely once a month). You'll find lifestyle related content, theatre musings (in a less formal setting than Rewrite This Story) and general chats about life. Even writing this, it feels nice to have a creative space with no pressure attached and I. Am. Excited.

When the internet gets a bit too stuffy, it's nice to have a place to relax and unwind, so I hope you and I can use this corner of the internet to do just that.

Until next time