How You Can Eat a Whole Batch of Cookies | 3 Ingredient Healthy Choc-Chip Bites

Look, I don't know how healthy these actually are but I am assuming they're more healthy than your average choc-chip cookie and they still taste delicious so it's positive vibes all round. All you need for these chocolatey bites of goodness are:

- one ripe banana
- a cup of oats
- half a cup of chocolate chips (i used dark ones)

The 'cooking' couldn't be simpler, you mash up your banana till it's a bowl of goey goodness, you whack in the oats and chocolate and stir it till it's all combined and comes together. Then you make little balls, put them on a tray and flatten them out with a fork so they kind of resemble biscuits.

I put mine in the oven at 180 (fan) for 10 minutes and they were perfectly done but I'd say just keep an eye on them cause they can quickly burn. That's literally it! In 15 mins you can have some sweet treats on the table that didn't cost much and taste delicious. I suppose you could also skip the chocolate chips but where's the fun in that!?

My mum (shoutout Mel!) is a banana hater so I'm on the lookout for a substitute. I'm going to experiment with some other ingredients and see what works, so I will report back. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration and provides another way to use your old bananas instead of going down the banana bread route that is taking over social media!

Stay safe,
Until next time,
-Olivia xo

ps. I'm not saying you have to eat the whole tray, I'm just saying that it's lockdown so anything goes and they're basically fruit?!