Review: In Five Years | Rebecca Searle

“You mistake love. You think it has to have a future in order to matter, but it doesn’t. It’s the only thing that does not need to become at all. It matters only insofar that it exists. Here. Now. Love doesn’t require a future.”

Maybe it’s the Gossip Girl wannabe in me, but if a book is set in New York there’s a 99% chance I’ll want to read it. With the Manhattan skyline on the cover and the promise of romance and friendship, In Five Years seemed like my ideal read and it certainly lived up to my expectations; providing a wonderful start to 2021. 

The story follows Dannie, a type A, high flying career woman who has her life meticulously planned, from her dream job, to her dream apartment and ideal man. However, when she has a dream about an alternate life, she begins to question what it is she really wants.

Now from the synopsis I absolutely assumed this would be a dramatic, romantic love triangle but it really isn’t. Instead, it’s a story about friendship. DanniE’s best friend Bella is central throughout and a real star, thanks to the excellent characterisation she is given by author, Rebecca Searle. Searle excellently develops the characters throughout the first half of the book so that when it comes to the plot twists towards the end, we completely feel for the characters who we’ve almost come to know as our own friends.

As much as I loved the dynamics in the story, I did have a few issues with the relationship between Dannie and her boyfriend. He kind of felt like a prop, purely to bring some extra angst. We’re led to believe they’ve been happily together for almost six years, but when the (spoiler) break up happens, it’s quick and uncaring. I completely understand why it was necessary for the progression of he story and for danni’s personal growth but it would have been nice to have a deeper understanding of the relationship and it’s flaws

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Whilst I personally loved this book, I think it certainly has the ability to divide. I went into it feeling pretty rubbish and just wanted an escape, which it provided (even though it did make me cry!) The descriptions of New York and the dreamy Brunch and booze filled days were exactly what my NYC tourist heart wanted. But I assume some may find it cheesy and a bit too fluff because at the end of the day there isn’t that much plot.

However, If you read this without a critical eye i think you’ll enjoy it. The pacing is excellent and it’s just a nice, quick and easy read. It almost feels like a movie as you’re reading and if you’re a hopeless romantic (or Friend-mantic) with a love for the big apple, this is definitely one for you1

If you’re not a fan of character driven stories then this probably isn’t up your street. But for a nice contemporary read, there are definitely elements that leave you pondering. It’s a great exploration of how unpredictable life is and raises the question of whether the decisions we make are always our own. 

Engaging and moving I’d highly recommend In Five Years, it’s not at all what the blurb says but it's a great read.